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Environmental Service


Our goal is to provide exceptional results beyond expectation through committed leadership, diverse experience, specialized training, and advanced equipment and resources. With the versatility to process with ease materials such as topsoil, clay, compost, sand manure and peat, Murphy products have become a leader in material handling. Many of our machines are being rented today for processing of excavated materials and the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated materials. The rental service includes delivery of the machine to the job site, diesel fuel and operator.

The designed purpose of the Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL is to have the ability to pulverize hard chunky soils and other materials into a fine structured free flowing material while delivering the cleaning agent of choice. The Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL has the strength and ability to do it day in and day out. With the structural life expectancy of 25 years, the Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL has exceeded all expectations.

Standard Specifications:

The Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL is designed for bioremediation. Breaking down the particle size and aerating the soil are the first steps in the remediation process. With the addition of the spraying system, the Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL has the ability to add water and chemicals together or separately, applying as little as one gallon or as much as 66 gallons per minute, resulting in as much as 20 gallons per cubic yard.

More About the Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL

Murphy Products is bringing exciting applications to the environmental business. What used to require multiple personnel, dump truck, loader and a field of dirt has evolved into sophisticated modern technology based on pulverizing mixtures of soil, sand and organic compost with various other soil amendments such as chemicals, water and surfactants to produce precise results.

The mill-head blends, pulverizes and aerates the material to the consistency of coarsely ground sugar. The pulverizing process both mix thoroughly and break chunky soil intoa fine free flowing product ready to receive additives. The Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL is constructed with spray bars, allowing for the treatment of the pulverized product with water, chemical, organic or bacterial additives, as it enters and leaves the mill head.

The Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL is helping to meet the booming demand of aerated, precisely mixed organic soil products, as it is designed to simplify and speed up operations for one man and one loader. After mixing the appropriate proportions of sand, organic compost, clay or soil with the front end loader, the 5.5 cubic yard hopper is loaded and the magic begins. Large clods, rocks, roots and other debris are either turned away by the grizzly or are kicked out to the far end of the windrow as it leaves the mill head. The patented, automatic separation of soil mix from debris is what eliminates the need for a screening process, while operators enjoy the 100 to 200 yard per hour capacity.

In addition to the spray system, the Terra XTREME 3200 ENVIRONMENTAL is equipped with a baffle that deflects and directs the pulverized material as it leaves the mill head. The baffle can be directed up or down, allowing the pulverized and treated material to be directed into an open pit. Working in a tight area? The baffle seriously reduces the amount of space required for the pulverizing process. Rocks and debris that enter the mill head are likewise deflected by the baffle into an excavated area.

Jobs are currently being accepted in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana. Please call 1-866-221-3219 for current rental pricing.

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