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Landscape Design and Construction

Designer educated at OSU (Oklahoma State University); graduated in 1982.

Design/construction services include, but are not limited to: drives, walks, planters, trees, shrubs, sod areas, pools, spas, arbors, lighting systems and sprinkler systems.

Also available: seasonal color installation, low voltage & high voltage outdoor lighting and fully automatic underground sprinkler system installation. Christmas holiday light displays can also be installed.

From the Desk of Tami Murphy: About Seasonal Color

Tami Murphy Landscape Designs, Inc.
2512 Exchange Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

I have a service to provide customers with Seasonal Color Installation. I figure and send yearly contracts each September. These contracts cover a calendar year from October 1 through September 30. Each installation is billed for as installed, with the exception of the Spring Color, which is billed for in-full with the installation of the bulbs.

I begin with the Fall Installation the second week in October. This planting usually consists of 6" kale and/or cabbage, 6" mums and flats of 4" pots of pansies (18 pots per flat), in a rainbow of colors.

The Spring Installation takes place in two segments, the first falling the second week in December. At this time, we remove all faded mums, kale and fall decorations, then install the bulbs. I prefer to use daffodils, always a D-2 size and tulips in a 14-16 cm size in a bright array of colors. I select the bulbs that will stagger the bloom times to allow for many weeks of color. After the first of March, the crews return to freshen the fall planting of pansies. Pansies are hardy to a limited degree, so a few of the pansies planted in October will be viable in March. Most spring pansy colors are different from the fall planting, and are selected to accentuate the color of the bulbs.

The third and final installation is scheduled for the first to second week in May. At this time, the crew will remove all the bulbs and pansies, and install the appropriate selections for your landscape. Selections can include impatiens, petunias, periwinkles, lantana, pentas, blue wonder, blue daze, begonias, ageratum, salvia, hibiscus, copper plant, fountain grass, caladium bulbs and canna bulbs. These plantings are designed to mature and remain attractive through September, with little or no maintenance, with the exception of water.

Each installation includes turning the bed, removing weeds from the color area, a slow release fertilizer and a dressing of Cypress mulch, if necessary. An added bonus, is that being on your property four times each year allows us to identify potential problems and notifying you of their existence.

I will begin installations in early November, and will finish by Thanksgiving. All you will have to do is plug it in. Call me at 405-842-7177 to reserve an installation date!

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