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Terra Xtreme 3200

The latest in a long line of successful designs from Murphy Products, Inc., a leader in material handling systems, the Terra XTREME 3200 is the result of 25 years of research, design and refinements. With the versatility to process with ease materials such as topsoil, loam, compost, sand and peat mixes, many of our machines are being used today by golf courses, landscape suppliers, topsoil operators, excavator and bioremediation contractors.

A marvel of structural engineering and simplicity:

The designed purpose of the Terra XTREME 3200 is to have the ability to pulverize hard chunky soils and other materials into a fine structured free flowing material and have the strength and ability to do it day in and day out. With the structural life expectancy of 25 years, the Terra XTREME 3200 has exceeded all expectations.

Standard Specifications:

Many of our machines are being used in bioremediation; being able to break down the particle size and aerate the soil are the first steps in the remediation process. With the addition of our spraying system customized to match your application, you have the ability to add water and chemicals together or separately. The systems are automatically controlled.

The new century is bringing exciting applications in the soil and compost business. What used to be a man, dump truck, loader and a field of dirt has evolved into sophisticated modern technology based on processing mixtures of soils, sand and organic compost with various other soil amendments to produce precise planting, top dressing mixes and soil amendment products to meet customers' needs.

As the most efficient soil processing system on the market, the Terra XTREME 3200 is helping soil contractors and nurserymen across the country meet the booming demand for aerated, precisely mixed organic soil products.

Murphy Products, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years as a recognized leader in the soil handling industry. We first manufactured the Terra XTREME 3200 for our own 100,000-cubic-yard-per-year topsoil, composting and bagging business. We began building portable models for sale when we realized there was no high-capacity soil-pulverizing units on the market in an affordable price range.

The Terra XTREME 3200 was designed to simplify operations to the degree that one man, one machine and one loader can do it all. After mixing the appropriate proportions of sand, organic compost, clay or soil with the front end loader, the 5.5 cubic yard hopper is loaded and the magic begins. Large clods, rocks, roots and other debris are either turned away by the grizzly or are kicked out to the far end of the windrow. The patented, automatic separation of soil mix from debris is what eliminates the need for a screening process and places a 200-cubic-yard-per-hour capacity into a unit capable of being towed behind a 1-ton truck with a regular trailer hitch.

The patented mill-head blends, pulverizes and aerates the material to the consistency of coarsely ground sugar. The pulverizing process both mix thoroughly and break up chunky soil into a beautiful, usable aerated product.

The Terra XTREME 3200 can be set up for operation in approximately two minutes and easily operates with one man. It will accept loading from a standard size skid steer loader, yet it can keep up with a four cubic yard front end loader. The machine will need to be moved every 200 yards to create a uniform windrow. This can be done in a few seconds by either the truck or front end loader. The size of each windrow is 12 feet high and is perfect for easy composting or handling the finished material.

Sold internationally, the Terra XTREME 3200 has revolutionized the soil industry, turning one man's trash into another man's treasure. Call today to schedule a visit to our manufacturing facility and soil yard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and catch a look at your future. Please contact us toll free at 1-866-221-3219 for prices and availability and to request you free DVD.

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