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Lawns by Murphy was founded in 1955 by Harry & Anne Murphy. Lawns by Murphy offers a wide variety of bulk and bagged organic soil and compost products ranging from in-house organic compost, to blended topsoil and colored mulch. In addition the Terra XTREME is an efficient mobile soil pulverizer. a truly customizable product, which can be tailored to suit many different uses and industries.




In 1955, Harry & Anne Murphy founded Lawns By Murphy. The Murphys had a dream, and a good deal of entrepreneurial spirit. They began multiple sod farms, tree farms, sand mining operations, plus a bulk materials and bagging operation. In 1982, their daughter, Tami, joined forces with the family business. Through her work, a successful landscape design and enlarged landscape/hardscape construction business was incorporated into the fold. Growth of various industries encouraged a separation of the businesses so, in 1989, Murphy Products was incorporated and moved to our current facilities in the Oklahoma National Stockyards.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of products to our customers. With bulk and bagged products ranging from in-house organic compost, to blended topsoil and colored mulch, our products are always tailored for our clients. Through our growth process, the Murphy Products, Inc. team has been routinely challenged to provide a consistent blended soil product for our customers. With much of the available organic material in Oklahoma being anything but consistent, it became apparent that there was a need for an efficient mobile soil pulverizer. Following multiple attempts at purchasing machinery to fill this void, our team decided that it would be best to design and build our own. Bright minds came together, and the prototype Terra XTREME was invented. This prototype did the job perfectly, and after 40 years is still operational on our yard today.

Flash forward a few decades and the Terra XTREME model line-up represents a bustling manufacturing wing within Murphy Products, Inc. The ever-evolving Terra XTREME models are used in numerous industries around the United States, and are available for international purchase. Our highly experienced team of designers & fabricators continually work to provide state of the art mobile soil pulverizers. We at Murphy Products, Inc., are proud of our efforts and are determined to continue and advance the Terra XTREME model line-up. 





Anne & Harry Murphy

Anne & Harry Murphy founded Lawns by Murphy. In 1943, Harry served in the United States Army Air Corps. After serving, Harry graduated from Oklahoma City University with a degree in business administration in 1950. That same year, Harry married Anne, rejoined the service, and moved to Japan with his newlywed wife. The two enjoyed 59 wonderful years of marriage and established both the first sod and tree farms in Oklahoma City.


Owner & President

Tami Murphy

Tami Murphy is president of Tami Murphy Landscape Designs, Inc. and Murphy Products, Inc.. Tami graduated from Oklahoma City University with a BA in Elementary Education, an associates degree from OSU-OKC in Horticulture, and also obtained a Master's in Business Administration from Oklahoma City University. She has 36 years of professional experience in landscape design, landscape and hardscape construction, soil blending, equipment manufacturing, and soil remediation. Currently, she is the only certified compost operations manager in the State of Oklahoma.



Operations Manager

Steve Hartley

Steve has been a part of our company since 1983. He is responsible for the smooth running of our entire soil operation. He oversees the intake and procurement of raw materials, and manages truck and delivery drivers. Steve also oversees the production of our soil, composts, and mulch products, as well as employees working in those areas. Steve ensures that the Terra XTREMEs are in top condition and working properly. He is in charge of fork lifts, front end loaders, tractors, and our entire fleet of delivery vehicles.


MPI Production & Design Manager

Roy Caldwell

Roy has been a part of the Murphy family since 1980. His responsibilities include managing all aspects of production, directly overseeing the day to day operations and duties of the Murphy products team, and overseeing Terra XTREME research and development. During his time with all of the companies under the MPI umbrella, Roy has been integral to the smooth and effective running of the business operations. His assistance in all areas have helped grow the soil and materials businesses, and he has directly facilitated the emergence into the manufacturing industry.


Murphy Products Team

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Lawns by Murphy Team

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