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Whether you want to add nutrients, break up dense and compacted soils, or introduce beneficial microbes - or all three – compost is a perfect choice. Compost is organic material that has been naturally decomposed; it is a probiotic for the land. Compost is the organic way to improve your soil and do what is right for Mother Earth by completing the regenerative loop of life. Compost done right should be free from weeds, harmful insects, chemicals and unwanted pathogens. Soil without life is dust.

  • Composts - These fine products have been aged at high temperatures to eliminate unwanted seeds and insects while keeping beneficial microbes.  This slow aging process minimizes the unpleasant odors and other problems associated with the use of a raw organic material.

  • Alfalfa Manure Compost - With nitrogen, iron, calcium and other minerals, Alfalfa can replenish depleted soils quickly and efficiently. Fully composted manure is added to the blend to help improve soil drainage.

  • Cotton Burr Compost - Protein rich cotton burr is historically proven to add more drainage, nutrient retention, and water absorption qualities to the tight soil, without causing nitrogen tie-up.

  • Natural Compost - A hearty, dark product consisting of fully composted green waste that is turned and processed through a trommel screen continually throughout the aging process.

  • Murphy Compost - A light colored blend derived from the combining and aging of saw dust, manure and a slight amount of green waste.  When fully aged, this blend  is processed through  a trommel screen.

  • Aged  Manure - A key ingredient for building healthy and productive soils - naturally.  Ours is fully aged and is a natural food source for the microbes that provide nutrients.  High temperature composting kills weed seeds, pests, and destructive pathogens, leaving nitrogen-rich plant food.

  • Gaillardia Blend - A full-bodied blend of three fully aged products, with repeat fine screening, makes this the darling of golf course management throughout Oklahoma and bordering states.  Beginning with a 3/4 to 3/8 inch trommel screen, the cotton burr compost and alfalfa manure are individually screened.  Then, the recipe takes hold and the products  are combined  and pulverized in the Terra XTREME to homogenize the components.  It is aged and pulverized repeatedly until the mix has reached perfection, then it is passed over a 3/8 inch vibratory screen before  the final product is considered ready to sell.